Digital Audit Brief

Digital Audit Brief
  • SWOT
  • Initiatives
  • Audiences
  • Channels

SWOT Analysis

Fill in anything you think might be applicable and we will work with you to refine these later on. 

Business Initiatives

Outline 1-3 of your existing digital initiatives. These can be very vague, we will work to refine these with you. 

Business Initiative 1

Business Initiative 2

Business Initiative 3

Existing Audience

Describe the target audiences/demographics that your content is current reaching. Press the plus button to add more personas. 

Ideal Audience

List the audiences/demographics that you are NOT currently reaching, but wish to reach. Press the plus button to add more personas. 

Marketing Channels

List the current digital channels your are using to reach your audiences and list their purpose from your businesses perspective and how you would measure a successful improvement to the channel. 

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