Where are you on your brand journey? 

Every business that comes to us lands somewhere on the brand journey.

From coming up with the name for your business to developing a multi-platform advertising campaign, our skills, experience, and network cover every step of the journey.

Think of us as your partner when it comes to managing your brand!

Join us at the beginning or pick a starting point below.
If you want guidance on where you are in your journey,  get in touch and we’ll help you find your starting point.

The Brand Journey

Brand Concept

If you’re starting a new business, start here. We can help with your value proposition, business name, competitor analysis, and other set-up strategies.
Start here if:
You are just starting your company
You are repositioning/rebranding your company
Services include:
Naming and brand positioning
Brand management
Discovery and strategy
Project management
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Visual Identity

If you are rebranding your business or are ready to add visuals to your brand, start here. We can create a logo, palette, font, and any other visual elements.
Start here if:
You already have your name or positioning
You need a new or evolved logo
You have a logo but need the a brand style guide
Services include:
Logo development
Brand identity
Art direction
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Web & Digital

If you are ready to create or redo your website, start here. We can develop a site that reflects your business and has a great user experience.
Start here if:
You have established your brand position and visual identity but need a new or updated online presence
You need to update content or functionality on your website
You need to optimise your site for SEO
Services include:
Web design/UX design/app design
Web and mobile development
Content planning
Search engine optimisation
Domain registration
Web hosting
Maintenance and support
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Campaigns & Projects

If you’re launching a new product or you’re keen to increase business, start here. We can create collateral and campaigns and get them in front of the right people.
Start here if:
You are launching a new service or product
You need ongoing support with publications and stationery
You need assistance with social media
You need a digital marketing strategy
You’re looking for regular agency to fulfil your design needs
Services include:
Campaign concepts
Art direction
Graphic design
Social media management
Print & digital advertising
Media & digital strategy
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If you need branded products or want to get your business in front of more customers, start here. We can organise materials, the best suppliers, and book media for digital, radio, and television.
Start here if:
You need some stationery ordered
You need media booked
You need great rates on production
Services include:
Print management
Media bookings
Digital/social advertising placement
Google advertising /analytics
Branded merchandise
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Still unsure? 

If you want guidance on where you are in your journey,  get in touch and we’ll help you find your starting point.
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