Campaign effectiveness is what counts

The Hot Hands digital campaign achieved significant performance and outcomes, with a 175% increase in brand awareness and consideration Australia-wide. This success was mirrored by a 98% jump in online sales through third-party partners such as Woolworth and Chemist Warehouse, all within a three-month period. Our Google Ads showed marked improvement, with a 2.1% lift in click-through rates and a 13% reduction in cost per acquisition. The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was an impressive 13:1.

Our strategic execution relied on in-depth market research for consumer insights, shaping our strategic planning and message development. We crafted compelling messaging for Hot Hands, emphasising its unique attributes and used advanced ad targeting, including geo-targeting and weather data, for timely campaign activation.

Innovative techniques were a cornerstone of our strategy. To enhance the effectiveness of our marketing campaign, we've developed a Python script that interfaces with a weather API. This integration allows us to tailor our advertising specifically for colder regions in Victoria and New South Wales. By leveraging real-time weather data, the script triggers the campaign when the temperature falls below a predefined threshold unique to each area. This approach ensures that our messaging is highly relevant and timely, thereby improving campaign performance by targeting potential customers precisely when they are most likely to need our product.

Furthermore, the campaign saw a 34% increase in lead generation and a 17% improvement in lead nurturing, thanks to our refined marketing automation workflows. These accomplishments reflect the efficacy of our strategies and our dedication to continuous innovation in digital marketing.

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