Structure and strength - from the ground up.

The Macquarie Point Development Company are in a unique position, managing the development of one of the final pieces of largescale land in an Australian capital city. Gloo was initially engaged to elevate their visual identity and brand as the organisation works through numerous projects entering the development phase.

For the last few years we have designed the MPDC Annual Report, which is a showcase of progress, governance and financial stability and demonstrates how the site is a focal point for Hobart and greater Tasmania. The annual report’s visual design has been developed around the concept of “structure and strength – from the ground up”. The colour palette references the current earthy brown tone and is accompanied by a dusty blue, taken from the aerial imagery to add another layer to the overall identity of the organisation.

Gloo also worked with MPDC on press and social media campaigns, interpretation signage boards, and other publications that encourage the public to engage with the organisation and to provide them with the most up to date information. Stay tuned for a new website launching soon.

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