Living off the land

The Seafood Gateway are exporters of Southern Rock Lobster, and are a family business with a rich history of living off the land at Vince's Saddle, in the far south of clean, green, Tasmania. As the Seafood Gateway evolves and gains traction in the global seafood export market both direct to customers and through the wholesale network, the client was after a new visual identity that brings together the history, the traditions, values and vision for the future, and to position the businesses more prominently within the industry.

A concept was developed that centred around an icon representing the fan-like tail of the Southern Rock Lobster and also a gateway. This was extended to create a visual identity system that incorporates and connects the three businesses run by the client.

Through a website platform each entity will tell its story through imagery, words and graphical elements and how they are linked and bring quality products from end to end, from Tasmania, to all parts of the globe.

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