Together we thrive. 

Bayview Secondary College (formerly Rokeby High School) first engaged Gloo to assist them in changing their name and improving their reputation across the state. Additionally, Bayview wanted to improve the perception of the school in the community and become an employer of choice for staff. 

Gloo worked with the organisation to highlight its strengths and extensive offering. This was achieved through the rebranding campaign, centred around the slogan “Together We Thrive”. It draws upon the notion that it takes a village to see youth reach their full potential. Bayview emphasises the importance of peer relationships, external mentors, strong teacher leadership, parental involvement and community buy-in. 

The school has since doubled their student numbers, and more of the catchment area population has a better understanding of what Bayview can offer their high school students, from year seven, through to year twelve. 

Bayview Secondary College
Bayview Secondary College
Bayview Secondary College
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