A full sensory experience.

In recent years, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra has expanded its target demographic. Traditionally, TSO attendance has comprised mostly of classic music enthusiasts over 50 years old. So, the goal has been to include a younger and more diverse demographic in their audiences.

Gloo was engaged to create marketing collateral that represented this new initiative, described the events and promoted it to the most relevant audiences. The TSO has described the ‘Obscura’ series as “a realm where music, light and vision come together” to appeal to prospective audiences as a different experience to a traditional concert hall. The shows feature light and both experimental and conventional pieces of music. Additionally, guests can drink during the show, encouraging a full sensory experience.  

We created content that aims to demonstrate the experiential nature of the ‘Obscura’ series by combining the conventional with the contemporary. 


The TSO shared that,

Gloo's responsiveness and turnaround is remarkable and their customer service is second to none.

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